Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conference in Lansing

   We had a stimulating conference yesterday in Lansing.  30 people, 3 speakers, lots of love, laughter, encouragement, & discipleship. What more could you ask for?  I think the only thing we needed was more time!  I could have soaked in another hour (or six) of Gail Gaymer Martin's workshop on 'Creating Real Emotions'.  Tiff Colter inspired me to take the next step in her presentation on 'How to Make it at this Writing Thing', and Andy Meisenheimer poured the spotlight on my excuses with his 'Piano Lessons for Writers'. No more "I don't have time to write' and no more telling myself that my writing doesn't have value just because it's not in a world-famous novel. All three speakers combined to make me realize that God wants to use me right where he's planted me. I just need to seek His will for my writing, keep planning ahead, persevere when it's tempting to give up, and practice, practice, practice my craft.
  It was so refreshing to hang out with such a wonderful group of Christian writers. There's no one else on earth who will come closer to understanding what makes me tick. Thank you, God, for new friendships!
~ Holly
PS - the pic is of three of our lovely ladies - Jody Hedlund, Lynda Schab & Sharlene MacLaren

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