Wednesday, June 20, 2012


   It's wonderful to see (& experience!) connections with other writers. Christian people who understand the world of writing, people who share some of our struggles, people who lift us up when we're down and point us down the right (write?) path. You know what I mean - people who know what WIP stands for, who understand why you might need to know what kind of underwear was worn in 1896, and who can relate to writing plot lines on the back of the sermon bulletin...
   The Great Lakes Chapter is composed of incredible, praying, loving, writers and I am grateful to be a part. It also gives me great pleasure to see the connections that others are making through our e-mail loop and at our local workshops. What a joy!
   I hope that you are feeling the encouragement and are able to take advantage of our low-cost, high-reward workshops. The next get-together will be in Shelby Township on Saturday, July 21st; in August we'll be at River Country Campground in Evart (dates not determined, yet) and then on October 26th & 27th we'll have our main conference in Jackson. More details on that will be coming soon, but mark your calendars now. It's shaping up to be an amazing event!
Many Blessings to you,


  1. Not sure I'll be able to make either of the remaining mini-workshops, but I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to the big one in Jackson! And I LOVE the connections I've made through this chapter. You guys are wonderful!

  2. I wish I could come to Evart! But August is already filling up for us.