Saturday, March 23, 2013

Have a Prayer Need? Here's What To Do

The Great Lakes Chapter's Prayer Group Coordinator, Joy Avery Melville, is starting a new process, so to speak, for getting prayer requests to YOU, the members. And all you need to do is be subscribed to the GLC Yahoo Group and be sure your email is turned on (if you have trouble with this, just contact me.).

How will it work? I'll let Joy tell you herself (from an email she sent to the loop):

I'd like to express how much we NEED to pray for one another in these days when this business of writing has faced the economic woes other businesses are experiencing. AND Christians are being forced to couch their freedom of speech - even in some CBA areas. Let's encourage one another by praying for the entire membership as well as the individual requests that come through this loop.

IF YOU HAVE ANY REQUESTS - please send them to me at and I'll get them on as soon as I receive them. During the week I have my email inbox sitting to the right of my work space on my monitor and will catch things right away - NORMALLY - weekends are a bit more hit and miss but especially Saturday I'm on often.

I'm also going to give out my phone number so you can call in a request - especially if it's something immediate and I trust you will remember I'm a writer/critter too. So if I don't answer immediately - don't fret - I have a machine just in case. There are those things like doctor appointments and grocery getting - the mundane that might pull me away from my desk on occasion. ';)

I will post PRAYER NEED in the subject line and will attach the request for those of you, like me, who might want to print the request off and have it near to help remind to pray more than once. I will also put it in the body of the email for those who can't download a file from their devices.

WHEN (note - that's not an IF) you have an answer to your request - whether a praise or a no or even a wait - PLEASE - let me know to post it - we want to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep! MORE REJOICING I HOPE.' ;D
Don't be shy about sharing those requests - not only are we a Christian writing group - we're a PRAYING group!

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