Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Late Welcome to 2014!

Hello friends!

Thanks for stopping by our updated website. We are without a PR/Website coordinator this year, so we streamlined some things to make the site a little more user-friendly for the board (and I hope for our members as well!). If you haven't met the board yet, please stop over here to see who's volunteering to serve this year.

As our website also functions as our chapter newsletter, we're going to work hard to keep the site updated and functional for everyone. The board is currently working on this year's event calendar, and we hope to have some information to you in the next 2-3 weeks (with information on our first event, if nothing else). While we're working on the schedule, please feel free to chime in with tips and suggestions. I can't guarantee that we'll be able to do everything this year, but we will do our best to meet our chapter's needs.

As I was updating the website, I noticed that our Member News page is a little outdated. If you signed a contract, released a book, started a new job, or enjoyed some other writing-related accomplishment in the last 2-3 months, please let us know! We want to brag about you, so please give us the chance. You can email me directly at karin(at)karinbeery(dot)com, and I'll make sure to get the info to the right person.

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a great week!

Karin Beery
Chapter Prez