Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Event - Small, But Fun!

Future presenter Mary Vee (June 7 in Lansing) talks with our April presenter, Linda Glaz.

This past weekend we had our first workshop of 2014, and boy was it fun! I made the trek down from northern Michigan to Brighton to join the small group of GLC members for a round table discussion about changes in the publishing industry with literary agent Linda Glaz. We had a great time of fellowship and education, including meeting new members Jenni Colson and Ron Estrada.

I want to give a big thanks to Kathy Rouser for hostessing the event. She found an amazing location, organized a great meal, and even provided fun goodie bags and beautiful flowers. Our workshops wouldn't be nearly as successful without people like you, Kathy!

Our amazing hostess and presenter!
For those of you who couldn't attend, here's a quick look at one of the topics Linda discussed. These are the top ten predictions* for the publishing industry in 2014 (information gathered from a group of publishing professionals - I'll post the actual source later this week).

1. Barnes and Noble will close or sell Nook and go private.
2. Amazon will go the bay of Barnes and Noble and open physical stores.
3. Trade publishers will sell and acquire assets to verticalize their business.
4. The illustrated book business will become extremely challenged.
5. Publishers will go after new revenue streams, especially ebooks.
6. More publishers will endorse the subscription ebook model (think Scribd).
7. Publishers will launch more magazines and websites geared toward reader interests (direct-to-consumer catalogs).
8. Publishers will move toward data driven decision making (Linda said this won't affect us).
9. There will be more price experimentation with book prices.
10. The Big Five publishers will make full ebook catalogs available to libraries to purchase.

*These are predictions only. It will be fun in December to see how many of these things really happened!
Our next event is Saturday, June 7 in Lansing. Mary Vee will talk about marketing techniques - save the date!