Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Writer's Delight

What could you do with two days away from home?

Write 3,000 words.

Edit three chapters.

Work through a dozen critiques.

Strengthen your characterization.

This past weekend, five of our GLC members spent two nights at Shanty Creek Resort for our first annual writing retreat. The all-inclusive event included lodging, meals, and a meeting room, plus many locations throughout the lodge and in nearby Bellaire for setting up your laptop or cozying up in a chair.

We're all at different phases in our manuscripts, so we each worked on different things, but all of us not only enjoyed the beauty of the resort (and the amazing food), we also reached our writing retreat-goals. By Saturday afternoon everyone wanted to make sure we we're having another retreat next year.

We had already been talking about making this an annual event, and after the success of this past weekend, we're definitely going to plan next year's retreat. We don't have a location yet, but mark your calendar: May 1-3, 2015. Hope to see you then!

"Shanty Creek was worth its time and resources. We all wrote every day, I believe. We met for short breaks or breakfast, lunch, and supper, and then retired to WRITE! I had somehow forgotten how much of a pleasure writing is, especially when you don't need to justify time away from loved ones." Rohn Federbush

Karin Beery
Chapter Prez