Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

Good afternoon to all the members of the Great Lakes ACFW-   

We would like to welcome our new members Ron Estrada, Brenda Garver, and Christine Johnson. We also extend a welcome to Kathy Gibson, who has been a former member and is returning.

First, some reminders from the board:

- Officer elections are coming up! Please pray for our 2015 officers, whoever they may be, and prayerfully consider whether or not it's something you should volunteer for next year.

- Saturday, Dec. 6 (time TBD): Amanda G. Stevens presents “The Six Enemies of Deep POV.”
This will be our first online meeting, but we'll have at least one test-run in November so we can practice using

- Most of our 2015 event calendar is planned! We're once again hosting a writing retreat at Shanty Creek, we have two online events planned, and four workshops around the state. Visit our Meeting Calendar tab for more details!

- ACFW is closing many of their Yahoo! Groups, and the local chapters are following suit. You can still email GLC members, but for regular interactions, please find our group on Facebook. We will also continue to post to our blog. 

Now for the news:

Karin Beery had a great time at the conference in St. Louis. Not only did she receive four requests for a full manuscript, she also had the chance to meet with other chapter presidents and the Zone Coordinator. She picked up lots of great tips and suggestions that she hopes to bring to the Great Lakes Chapter.

Patricia Grau now has 36 devotionals available in Barbour’s newly released 2015 Daily Wisdom for Women. She also signed a contract with Barbour to write the devotionals for the month of February in the 2016 Daily Wisdom for Women.

Linda Glaz, Karlene Jacobsen, and Kathleen Rouser will have stories in the Christmas anthology Christmas Treasures: A collection of Christmas Stories. They don't have a publication date yet, but they’re excited to start some buzz!

Rohn Federbush’s story “The Farm Stray" will appear in a 2015 Halloween anthology by Edward Allen Publishing.

Judy Eick recently attended the Breathe Conference in Grand Rapids and it was a wonderful experience. The speakers, the information, and the food were excellent. They not only made wonderful accommodations to meet her gluten-free menu needs, they also provided snack and treats that were gluten-free. The friendly atmosphere and willingness of participants and speakers to share will bring her back again. Thanks to Karin Beery for recommending this conference. (She also enjoyed seeing fellow writer and Great Lakes ACFW member/officer Rohn Federbush.)

Joselyn Vaughn has a new book, In For a Pound, coming out from Astraea Press on November 4.

Joshua Pounds speeds to Pine Bottom to take care of his ailing dad, expecting to spend his time bouncing between doctors’ appointments and cancer treatments. His first task, however, requires a canoe paddle and helping his father’s friend win the honeymoon of her dreams. He doesn’t count on falling in love with the energetic young woman.

Sidney Walker had her life all planned: the wedding, the honeymoon, and the dependable husband—until her fiancé crushes her dreams by putting riches above their relationship.
As her engagement crumbles, her heartbreak rocks Joshua’s confirmed bachelor status. He picks up the pieces, but the challenge threatens both of their ideas about love.
Will Joshua’s resolve to keep his heart untouched break Sidney’s?

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Eick, ACFW-GLC Historian