Friday, October 24, 2014

The Ins and Outs of Social Media

On a cool, blustery October day, new and experienced (not old...I would never say old) members of the Great Lakes Chapter of ACFW met in Gaylord to hear Pegg Thomas share her knowledge and know-how regarding social media. In addition to sharing from her own experience, Pegg recently attended the Maranatha Conference in Muskegon and shared many of the tips she learned there.

Pegg demonstrated how she uses Hootsuite to keep her tweets trending.
The workshop specifically looked at what it takes to have a successful author platform, focusing on three main sections: building your social media platform, the nuts and bolts of social media, and Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon author pages.

In case you missed it, here are a few tips that Pegg gave us. Here are her top four suggestions for developing a real author platform:

- Work to develop it over time - this can't happen overnight
- Make "friends" - don't go looking for sycophants
- Aim to develop devoted followers - you want a long-term relationship with readers who want more of your stories
- Create a platform that works - if you don't like it, nobody else will either

For our first northern Michigan meeting, we had a great turnout. We also welcomed three new members! It was great having Christine Johnson, Brenda Garver, and Ron Estrada (who, we didn't realize, wasn't technically a member until this past weekend - the technicality has been fixed).

Ron, Brend, Christine, Karin, Linda, Pegg, and Joy - fun times in Gaylord.
Our next event will be online the first week of December (topic yet to be determined). We'll have a couple of test runs in November to make sure everyone's comfortable with the format.

Thanks to everyone who made the drive to Gaylord, and we're looking forward to meeting again online this winter. The 2015 workshop schedule is almost set, and we'll announce it as soon as we can.

Happy writing!