Friday, October 2, 2015

September 2015 Newsletter: Conference, Officers Needed, and the Year Ahead

Wow. September. If you're like me, this is your favorite time to live in Michigan. Seriously, can you beat it? Some of you are still coming off of your conference high. When you've reached Earth, be sure to send me your announcements. Did you land an agent? Sign a contract? Publish your indie book? Let me know We love to brag on our members.

Chapter News

Officers Needed! In just a few days we will need two volunteers to serve as GLC board members for 2016! We need to fill our secretary and treasurer positions in order to maintain our chapter status. Please be praying for yourself and the rest of the members, that the right people will fill the right positions. If you're interested in serving, please contact Karin at ASAP. Thanks!
There's still time ... to volunteer to host a meeting nest year! We have one in-person event scheduled for April. If you'd like to host a meeting in June, August, or October, please contact Karin Beery ASAP.

Member News

A BIG congratulations to Joy Avery Melville, ACFW's 2015 Mentor of the Year! Just, wow! 
This year, Karin Beery presented the 8th Annual At-Home Conference - an online alternative for ACFW members who can't attend the annual conference. More than 100 people registered, with around 75 people participating in the Facebook group. It was another fun year and a great success!
Ron Estrada released the third book in his YA paranormal series, Cassandra's Crossing. The series is set in Karin's home town of Elk Rapids, which Ron has re-named Cherry Hill so he could make it his own. But the bear and library bridges are still prominent features.

Rohn Federbush has been busy this summer, releasing Separation Anxiety in July and preparing for her upcoming release In Lincoln's ShadowCongratulations Rohn!

Deb Gardner Allard’s YA fiction suspense, Under the Blood Moon, the first book in her series, Path to the Apocalypse, will be available by e-book in early September. A self-proclaimed prophecy addict, Deb spends countless hours scouring the internet, reading books and articles, and watching shows on TV, as well as DVDs about the newest insights in prophecy. The prophet Daniel said, “in the end times, knowledge will increase.” And it has. The Path to the Apocalypse Series will unite fiction with the most recent prophecy material for reader enlightenment and suspense.

Deb is waist-deep in life. When not cavorting with family and friends or reading the Bible, researching, or writing, she is most likely on Face Book—at least that’s what her husband says.Please click here for 1 ½ minute Blood Moon trailer, or click here for the 7 second book teaser.

Karin Beery is excited to announce that she'll be teaching a four-week Intro to Fiction Writing course at the Elk Rapids Library this October. Every Monday night she'll present a two-hour workshop and the fiction basics. This is the first class she's done like this, so prayers and encouragement are appreciated!

Upcoming Events

Don't forget! Saturday, October 17, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Meet & Eat in Gaylord featuring Pegg Thomas and Christine Johnson. We'll have a flier available so you can help us spread the word!

As always, if you have any news you'd like to share, please let Ron Estrada know - send your blurb to him at

May you have an amazing October - praying God's guidance for your work, family, and writing. Write on!

Karin Beery
ACFW-GLC President