Monday, January 22, 2018

"Fireside Chat" for ACFW - Great Lakes Chapter!

by Catherine Brakefield

The United States had reached the bottom of hopelessness during the Great Depression years. Between 25 and 33 percent of the work force was unemployed! Then Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to hold the first of his radio broadcasts, which became known as “Fireside Chats.”

Our Great Lakes Chapter has just 10 percent of its members willing to participate and accept the challenge of growing, learning, and encouraging their fellow GLC members.

My hope for GLC is to become a unit of caring, encouraging, and spiritual confidants for this glove of the United States. GLC members can be that hand from which Christ’s message flows throughout Michigan and spills into other states and into the world. There is a great mission field in the GLC for our Christian literature. We need to get the word of encouragement and inspiration out to a struggling society, most of which does not realize they are lost or needing a Savior!

Through the 30 speeches Roosevelt gave in his fireside chats, people related to and felt the problems of a nation. Yes, the American people responded, feeling that bond and that handshake of friendship FDR offered.

Well, we won’t be having 30 fireside chats. Just one, for now. Let’s get united in a common bond to see the GLC flourish like never before!

Kathy Rouser has graciously invited us into her home from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 27th, for our first fireside chat for this 2018 year (2117 Cobblestone Lane, Brighton, MI 48114). We will be having soup and salad. I’m bringing the dessert. (That’s my favorite part of every meal. I’ve heard Kathy makes some fantastic soup, so I just might be changing my preferences!) If you’d like to bring something, we are presently looking for someone who does a great salad.

Do you have a new book out, or a book pending? Bring the information for our next newsletter. Everyone, please bring a copy of your one sheet, and a reference book that helped in your writing career. Most of all, bring your ideas for what you
would like to see covered in the GLC for 2018. 

You don’t have a one sheet? You will after this Fireside Chat”! You don’t have a favorite reference book? You will after this “Fireside Chat”!

Also, plans are in the works for a one-day conference in the Jackson area for either April or May; a weekend retreat (location undecided at this time); and a special GLC gathering at the ACFW Conference held in Tennessee. You have something to offer GLC! We look forward to seeing you on January 27th.

P.S.: If you intend to come, please RSVP at (And if you have questions or would like to host the next Fireside Chat, drop me a line at the same address!)