Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Glancing Back to Last Autumn, "The Write Stuff, 2018"!

Last October the Great Lakes Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW-GLC) enjoyed a terrific day of information and inspiration in Jackson, Michigan. What did attendees think of that day? Here are a few quotes!

Worship leader Cody Morehead began the
meeting with a time of singing and worship.
Mary Vee:
      "I came home from The Write Stuff one-day conference with a mountain-peak experience. The speakers touched my specific needs at this time. I was extra pleased to have a one-on-one conversation with an agent. He answered all my questions and gave excellent advice. I feel like it's final exam week with all the new tasks on my list, but I  am ready for them, thanks to the teachings and encouragement at the conference. As an added bonus, I met with other great author friends and all in all, had a memorable time."

Patsy Reiter:
      "What an event! I learned so much about writing and publishing. Great speakers, wonderful fellow-ship, fantastic food, a terrific day. Thank you."

Editor Pegg Thomas discussed writing and
publishing from the editor's perspective:
"Where to Start Your Story" and "The Basics
of Story Structure.
Judy Eick:
      "Terrific conference, well organized, time frames maintained, and there was time available to visit with friends in the group. I liked the teaching, encouraging us to think beyond your current project, to thinking about your story as a screenplay – after all, why not you? Great day and worth the drive."

Kathryn Moore:
      "I loved it. The time of year was perfect. I liked how much you and the team were able to pack into a one-day event and the myriad guest speakers were fantastic. So much learning and networking close to home and for a very reasonable cost."

Joy Avery Melville: 
“It was a tremendous conference – so very, very glad I was able to attend. What a great group of writers we have in our state!
Melissa Kerley, Founder of the faith-based film company
Generation Courage, spoke on "Novels as Movies: Things
Writers Need to Know."
“I was impressed with the line-up - the schedule for the most part. The lunch and snacks were superb – great job there.”
“The only thing that bothered me: we travel so far and have so little time to talk one-on-one with the others present – especially other writers.
“It was so good to see new faces in the chapter – didn’t get to spend much time with most and got none with some – finding out where they live, what genre they write, which stage of this writing gig they’re at, etc. That was the only thing I feel was missing.
“You guys did a stupendous job, and I for one got a lot from the marketing presentation. The other was noteworthy too.”

Literary agent Cyle Young discussed "The Author Platform
Being Taken Seriously by Publishers."
Deb Allard: 
“The Write Stuff event surpassed my expectations. It was like a weekend conference condensed into 7 hours at a fraction of the cost. For $35 we heard five speakers give valuable information for our writing projects. It was the best deal I’ve ever come across, thanks to the hard work of all involved.”

Pegg Thomas:
      "It was a nice, laid-back event. No pressure, just a good time with encouragement and teaching and sharing."

      Plus, an unscheduled bonus was the appearance of film director Joel Reisig (not pictured), who works actively with Melissa Kerley at Courage Generation. Joel discussed what he, as a director, looks for in a screenplay, emphasizing Do's and Don'ts for authors who would like their novels to be considered for adaptation to film.
      Look for more upcoming events for ACFW-Great Lakes Chapter in 2019!

A final group photo pictures a bunch of happy writers and speakers who came 
together to fellowship and sharpen their creative skills for the Lord!