Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year. New Solutions.

Happy New Year authors, writers, creators of story, poetry, devotionals, and articles for readers young and old.

Odd for this time of year, there has been very little interest in making resolutions on social media. 

Readers are looking for encouraging reads. Stories of hope. Uplifting poetry and devotionals. Articles drawing on what we can do to emerge from trials. 

1. The need is great. Your writing is important! More importantly, your writing needs to be made available to the readers either by self-publishing, or with a publisher. Perhaps this is the year several members can get their work published.

2. As writers we also need to be readers. Great ideas spawn from other ideas. Think about your writings, did the idea first come from something you read somewhere?

3. Let's support one another by reading books by authors/writers in this group. Take a moment and name your book along with the link in the comment section. I'll start here. I've read Rick Barry's books: The Methuselah Project and The Methuselah Project SOS. Next on my list is Bev Robinson's Bible Brides

The next essential step is not so much jotting a kind note to the author, although that is nice, but writing the same words as a review on Amazon or Goodreads or Bookbub.

I have THREE questions for you to respond to:

1. What book are you reading? If you aren't yet, pick one with the goal of starting it soon and indicate that one.

2. What book of yours do you recommend for others from this group to read? Don't be shy! We want to read! I'd like to recommend my book, Sylvia's Secret  link:

3. Are you conveniently receiving new posts from this blog? Sign up in the column to the left.

Shall we make a goal? 

Finish reading one book by January 31 and write a review (even a few sentences is so helpful!).

AND write (you set the word count) by January 31.

So excited to spend this year with 

Great Lake Michigan American Christian Fiction Writers.

Mary Vee,



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