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A "Wow!" Update on Rick Barry's The Methuselah Project
After publication of his novel The Methuselah Project, GLC member Rick Barry decided to create a movie screenplay of his suspense story. In autumn 2017 he submitted that screenplay to Movieguide’s annual Kairos Prize for beginning screenplay writers. As of January 2017, out of hundreds of submissions from 20+ countries, his script for The Methuselah Project made the final cut and is one of the 10 Finalists. On February 2, 2018, in Hollywood, one of the ten hopefuls will win the $15,000 prize. In addition, all of the scripts will be available for interested professionals in the film industry to review for consideration. 
Rick praises God for helping him to learn this new (to him) craft of writing, and for helping him to polish his project well enough to become a finalist. He says, "Whether I win or lose the Kairos, I feel God’s hand of blessing and sincerely thank Him for this level of achievement."
Some realities of life have claimed large chunks of Rick's time, and studying screenplay writing has definitely slowed momentum on the sequel to his third novel. Now, though, Rick plans to proceed “full steam ahead” with that sequel.